Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mister Mischievous

I babysat my niece yesterday for my brother Court and had a very hectic day.  It showed me what being a mom to two kids would be like.  One went down for a nap and while trying to get the other to go down the first one woke up and made it hard.  Needless to say, neither got more than 30 minutes total of nap time.  I was not a happy camper because I wanted a nap, hardly had a voice, and wasn't feeling very well.  But we made it through the day.  When I got back in the living room from the bathroom, this is what I found...

Yep...my sweet child some how managed to make it inside his toy box.  He also climbed about 1/3 of the way up the gate when I was putting my niece down for a nap in my room.  He was mad that I had climbed over the gate without him and was screaming and crying and when I came out, I could see almost his whole torso over the gate.  Not a good thing!  He isn't supposed to be able to do that at 10 months. Right?