Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time is Coming Soon

I love the holidays - family, friends, cool weather, food, everyone thinking of Christ - it's perfect!

We started decorating for Christmas...

Parker's Stocking is the One on the Left - Adam and I have had the blue and white stockings for a while and I never remember which is which.  :)

This is the same tree that Adam surprised me with last year.  It's fiber-optic so no need for lights!  I really want a big one, but there is not much room in our trailer for it and I don't feel like fighting Parker this year.  Maybe next year!

Mom got me both of these last year - the bottom is an avent to count down the days until Christmas.
I have no real wall space for them so We hung them between the curtains.  I still don't know where to put the stockings.  We shall see.

We didn't put up tons this year because of Parker and he laughs when you tell him no.  Next year it probably won't be any easy but maybe he will understand no better!