Monday, December 7, 2009

I hate it when...

...people say preggers (I don't know why it just annoys me - the word is pregnant)
...people are rude to my parents (I am not rude answering your parents or talking to them so why are you rude to mine?)
...people are rude to their own parents (they give you so much and that's how you repay them - I get upset with my parents at times yes - but I am not constantly a jerk to them)
...people don't punish their children (I feel that punishment is necessary - time out, spanking, grounding, etc - when kids do things and don't get punished for it, they aren't learning that it's wrong or bad and will continue)
...people smoke with a child with them in the car (I don't care if its a baby, toddler, child or teenager, I hate it)
...people smoke right outside the door of a business  (companies need to make designated smoking areas far away from doors because it's killing me and my baby)
...people don't use blinkers (when you are following them or not, it's annoying)
...people (those you don't know or those that aren't close to the family) touch your baby or their toys (they eat those things and I don't want to even think about where your hands have been)
...people drive under the speed limit (especially in the fast lane)
...people cut you off (talking or driving)
...people guilt me into doing things (my mom and sisters are excellent at this probably without even knowing)
...people make fun of me (it feels like it's happened since I was a toddler - especially at church)
...people turn on music or videos on their computer while I'm watching television (I think it's very rude)
...people have to constantly be reminded of something (it gets very annoying telling someone the same thing over and over)
...people walk out of the bathroom not washing their hands or only running their hands under the water without using soap (yeah like that's going to clean them)
...people stare (it's very rude - and makes me think all kinds of things are wrong with me) 
...people discontinue the things I like (it feels like the second you find something you like - lilu perfume, vanilla febreeze plug in things, etc - they discontinue it)


Anonymous said...

Dude, I HATE the word "preggers". Same for "prego"....for some reason both just kill me!