Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun Times

Mom, Dad, Court, Janelle, Meredith, Justin, Caryn, Hunter, Taylor, Tucker, Adam, Parker and I all went out to dinner together tonight. Kari and Matt couldn't come because they were both working. Crick obviously couldn't make it because he is in Utah. Kevin, Sarah and Claire couldn't come either because Sarah can't stand the smell of seafood and with her being pregnant, that makes it 10 times worse. They were all missed, but we have fun together socializing and enjoying each others company. Here are a few pictures from dinner.
Parker slept pretty much the whole time. It was pretty noisy in there so he stirred a little bit, but he was a perfect angel so mom and dad could enjoy dinner!

I didn't tell anyone I was taking pictures but the kids. So no one is looking at the camera. This is Janelle, Dad and Mom.

This is Meredith enjoying her shrimp. Yum Yum! (She shared a few pieces with me. It was delicious!)

Hunter was also enjoying his shrimp and Taylor was enjoying her chicken. Hunter shared some of his shrimp with me too. We also ate fried alligator that Hunter loved and fried pickles that are amazing! If you notice Hunter is missing a few teeth. The bottom two are coming in but the top two are still missing.

Tucker didn't want his picture taken. The background is Caryn, Justin and Court.

I finally got a picture of Tucker. You can see Adam's beard that he has still yet to shave off. Oh well life goes on. After dinner we all headed home and the kids played the wii (well Justin and Adam played a little too) and the adults sat around and chatted. Janelle and I sat at our laptops reading the new twilight book. Well it isn't out yet, but she has a little bit of the first book in Edward's perspective on her website. We were so excited. I am heading off of here to go read some more.

Parker is getting blessed tomorrow. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow evening of him and perhaps a family picture or two!


Hilary said...

I haven't finished Midnight Sun yet! But it's great so far.

So can you pig out on sugar now?

Also just wanted to say, you might seriously miss the beard once it's gone. I'm attached, anyway.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

it's crazy how fast your family has grown since i first met you! it's getting so dang big. i wanna come play...