Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I absolutely love cooking and baking. Here are the problems with it though...

- I hate grocery shopping
- If I bake, I end up eating most of it - Adam isn't a big fan of sweets
- Everything I cook, it makes a lot and neither one of us likes leftovers - so then I feel it's a big waste and its hard to cut some recipes in half
- Adam is a very picky eater

I would love to be able to give a menu to someone, them go buy the groceries and then bring them home for me to cook for more than just 2 1/2 of us (I do suppose Parker isn't really half, he eats more than Adam and Me combined some days).

At school I cooked for my roommates and their boyfriends from time to time. It was nice because there weren't tons of leftovers and the leftovers we had, were mostly eaten by Bedke. I suppose Jacquie and Ryan need to just move down here so I can cook for them and then Ryan eat all the leftovers. I cook for Kari and Matt every now and then and it's really nice to not have as many leftovers and to have company over.

Any Ideas on what to do?


Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

Trust me Kim I understand. Me and Jeremy has the problem but yeah my husband will eat left overs so I don't worry to much. But now with him gone I don't eat meals... I miss having good meals, now a box of mac & cheese is a meal to me cause I don't want to waste half the box. LOL! So trust me I understand!

Laurie said...

i am a very picky eater, so maybe i can help you out and give you a few recipes!