Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick Baby

I was going to wake up early this morning and exercise and shower before Parker woke up.

That plan got thrown out of the window at 1 am this morning with Parker and I cuddling on the couch together and him barfing all over me and him. Pretty disgusting. I yelled "Adam, Come Now!" about four times before he finally said "I'm coming what's wrong." I hand our nasty barfy child over to him and I clean up the couch and then me and while Adam is cleaning up Parker. By 2 am Parker had throw up about 4 times on my carpet as well (Marie I need your carpet shampooer - hopefully I can get it soon! :) )

Adam wouldn't go back to bed (what a supportive husband). He laid on the ground because the long couch was still wet from my attempts to clean it up and I slept on the love seat with Parker. He slept on the floor a little while too because he couldn't get comfortable and neither could I. He barfed again at 5ish or so and then went back to sleep and woke up at 7 or so dry heaving. It was so not fun. Luckily Matt came over around 1 so I could shower (thanks Matt!) and I feel a lot better. Parker is walking around and playing like normal. Hopefully it's just the same little bug that I had on New Years Eve and hopefully three nights from now we won't have to do it again with Adam. I hope no one else gets it either. Adam's sister was up all night too I hear (we visited them yesterday...)


Anonymous said...

Poor baby!! I hope he feels better soon! Nothing more I hate than sick babies...scares me everytime