Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I finally decided to take the twin bed down in Parker's Room. I really like having an extra bed for company, but who am I kidding, we never have company and so the bed was always piled with crap. I am storing it in the bathroom in Parker's room because we never use it anyways. Now all of his toys are out of my living room and in his room against the wall. I just don't know how to organize them. Should I get one big toy box? Just get shelves and neatly put the toys on the shelves? Put baskets on shelves because who am I kidding I won't be able to keep them neat? I also have a basket of books in Parker's closet because I don't want him to tear them up. I keep all the board books down for him to read on his own and would really like them out in his room somewhere...but where that he can't reach them? Any thoughts or comments on how you have your kid's toys organized? I don't like the little black shelf in the corner and would love to get rid of it, but until I find something else for his books to go on, it will stay.
I found the three buckets in the corner at Walmart last night for 3 or 4 bucks total and I have most of his "little" toys in there so they aren't thrown all over the place...I want to get rid of the Rubbermaid bucket in the above picture it is currently storing his stuffed animals and a few bigger toys that were hand-me-downs from his cousin.
And do you have any ideas on how to keep him out of the air conditioner? That would be a bucket of baby clothes that are too small and his carrier car seat acting as his "gate" to keep him out of it. I would love to put the bucket in his closest and get the carrier out of his room. Any Ideas?


Laurie said...

do you know anybody that can make things out of wood?
The majority of Landons toys are in his toy box his grandfather made for him. I too have a problem with the big stuff that doesnt really fit anywhere else.
I bought a 3 shelf bookshelf at Target that was very inexpensive and I put his books on the shelf that he cant reach. Some of his toys are also on this, like his stuffed animals.

.Cassie Elizabeth. said...

i like the big toy box idea. easy storage.

Rondi said...

You young mothers will think I am crazy; but here is my advice for all that clutter. Yes, I love Rubbermaid buckets. I have many of them filled with toys (have to have them for grandkids. But, I find that after awhile they aren't playing with toys in certain buckets anymore. GET RID OF THEM!! Like the bucket full of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head(S). They are going in the garage sale. My advice--if your child has not used, worn, or played with something after a few months, it's not going to get used anyways. Give it away or have a garage sale. If the time comes when you need something you got rid of, the Lord will provide.