Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parker's Birthday Wish List

Our little cousin got this for Christmas and Parker played with it yesterday and loved it! You push the button and the tools dance to the music - Handy Manny Tool Box

Kid's Beige with Chocolate Micro Deluxe Toy Box - his toys are in a rubbermade bucket and when i put the toys away and close the lid he can't get it back open and it's too small - I love this one!

leapfrog learn and groove musical table - he loves music

infantino sing and learn monkey

Playskool busy basic: busy poppin pals - a cousin got this at a Christmas party and Parker loved it
A Curious George Jack in Box

Board Books - I leave the board books down low for him to read on his own because he cant rip the pages out - regular book I have to keep put up and only get down when an adult is reading to him because he tries to rip it pages out

sound books - he loves anything that makes noises and music

He doesn't have any movies and half the cartoons that come on tv aren't good - so disney movies or any kind of little kid movie.

I don't have kid music cds for when we are in the car for Parker to listen to - so maybe a kid cd.


Matt said...

Dibs on the tool set!

Cassandra said...

the musical table is awesome! i think i had more fun on that thing than my nephew!