Saturday, January 16, 2010

Parker's Birthday Party

Parker's Party was fun with all the family that came to spend this special time with us. We are very grateful for everyone that came and especially those that drove long distances to come!

Here are the highlights:

I found a Pin the Tail on a Donkey Game for a dollar and thought it would be fun for the kids...It was a big hit and all the kids took turns playing the game!
Hunter's Turn
Parker's TurnClaire's Turn
Meredith's Turn
Taylor's Turn
Braydon's Turn
Tucker's Turn
Meredith, Claire, Braydon and Tucker waiting for their turn to play
Hunter, Tucker, Braydon, Meredith, TaylorParker's Shirt and Hat
The Gift Bags
Everyone's Cake
Parker's Cake
Oh Parker

He was about to touch the fire and I told him he couldn't and pulled his hand away and he started crying.
Yummy Cake - He wanted nothing to do with the icing, I had to break through the icing to get to the cake for him.
This is how much he ate (minus the top right-Grammer ate that piece)
Opening Presents
His first UPS Truck from Sandy and DonNew clothes from Aunt Sarah and Uncle KevinA dump truck and blocks from JenniferA wheel barrel from Grandma SoirezAlvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakqual from Geezer and Awna DA monkey backpack from Geezer and Awna DHandy Manny Took Box from Uncle Matt and Aunt Squirt
Race Cars from The Suze and Do-Do
Opening his Farm Playset from Maren and Ryan
His Train from Grandpa and Grandma
It was a big hit with all the kids
His Guitar from Grammer and Grumps
His Clipo from Holly and Justin
Books from Pops and Tutu
Yay for books!
Sweet Parkey

Uncle Court, Aunt Janelle, Aunt Caryn and Uncle Justin gave him a swing. The only picture I got of it is when Aunt Caryn is carrying it in and she wouldn't like it I posted that one...

Gamma Jill and Gampa Gene gave him a monkey coloring book and colors! (They also put helium in all the balloons for me!!)

Thanks to everyone who came to help and participate with Parker's First Birthday Party!


Rondi said...

Aren't 1st birthdays so much fun. Oh, and I love your hair Kim. It looks really cute.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Parker!

Becky said...

Parker is one lucky 1 year old! Looks like he had a great birthday!