Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Parker's One!

Parker had a busy Birthday! We got up and headed to Evadale by 7:00 so I could get my hair done! Then we went and visited Grammer, Grumps and Kenna. Grumps made him some baby pancakes for his birthday! Thanks Grumps. Then we headed to Grammers Lunch Bunch at a Chinese Restaurant and Parker was so tired he hardly ate anything - he even turned down ice cream. Grammer was gracious and bought our lunch! Thanks Grammer!

Then we headed home and I put Parker down for a nap. When he woke up Uncle Matt was here to visit him and later Aunt Squirt showed up and Geezer and Awna D.

This is him tonight! Hard to believe he's a year old!
We ate Lasagna, Green Beans and bread for his birthday dinner! He loved it!
He got to help daddy play the guitar!
And played a lot in his room. He squats all the time when he is playing with toys on the ground. He will have great leg muscles!

I decided at like 6 o'clock tonight that I wanted Parker to blow out a candle for his birthday on his birthday (we are having a small family party for him on Saturday). So I ordered a GACC cookie and Uncle Matt, Aunt Squirt, Geezer and Awna D were here to sing with us for his birthday! (Sorry to those we didn't invite it was total last minute!)
Enjoy the pictures from tonight - I'll post videos later!

I told GACC to put Happy First Birthday Parker and they decided to make blocks out of it. I still have half of it left!He didn't know what to think of the candle and fire!
He doesn't like being dirty just like his mom! He was not into eating the cookie!
Cute Monkey plate Parker's cookie was on. Thanks for getting it for him mom!
You can see it on his face and stomach. Messy Boy!


Becky said...

Happyy 1st Birthday, Parker! Looks like he had a fun busy birthday. I'm sure he'll have lots of fun at his party too.