Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grad School

Adam starts Grad School next week. I am very excited for him to be able to start and get finished in a hurry because with this degree he can teach classes at Lamar and get a raise! Unfortunately Uncle Sam decided that Grad Students don't deserve grants, etc so we will have to pay for every class on our own (except for two a year that Lamar will pay - which means they will pay for 3 of the 11 or 12 classes).

It's nothing we can't handle and hopefully until our tax refund gets here, we can get help from family members or little jobs for either of us to make ends meet. I was hoping our tax refund would be spent on fun or go in the savings account for a fun summer vacation, it seems most will go to Adams school.

All I can say is, it better be a good raise in the end!