Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Parker is Here

Baby Parker Alexander Haynes is home and doing well. I am home and doing good as well. I know you all missed me. I missed checking my email, blogs, facebook, etc. We had internet at the hospital the first day and a half, but after that, it was down. Adam was a bit depressed because he had nothing to do for a few days. He did leave on Tuesday and Wednesday to come home and shower and he went to class yesterday and today, so he wasn't stuck there forever.

I was admitted to the hospital Monday morning at 6:30 for an induction. I finally started feeling contractions around 4 or so and they were torturing me. I was in pain and tears were streaming down my face, but I got over it. My doctor came in and I was thinned out and his head was low, but I wasn't dilating, so they turned off the Pit. and said they would try again in the morning. He came and checked me again in the morning and then again and lunch and said that I still wasn't dilating and that he would have to do a c-section. He said I can do it now or you can wait until I finish up at the office tonight. I decided that it would be better to just go then and not have to wait any longer. So they prepped me and we headed to the operating room. The spinal was horrible and I was in tears. It was hard to sit still. Adam heard the nurse walk out saying that she was helping with a c-section but it was taking a while because the patient was a "tiddy-baby". Not sure if she was talking about me or not, but it made me sad. I did well during the procedure. I didn't really feel anything. Just pressure and tugging here and there. It was not bad. I saw him for two seconds and they took him to the nursery. New babies stay in the nursery for the first 3-4 hours so it took a while to hold him.

Here are several pictures...They aren't really in any particular order, but we wanted to share with everyone.
This is him in the car seat after the ride home.
Him in his going home outfit before we left our room.
The clothes fit him pretty well, but the hat was a little big. He is so cute.
Adam got to go in the Nursery with him while I was being "stitched" up. This is when they were cleaning and checking him.
Marie, Kari and Mom were outside watching them clean him up.
Adam said John's grandpa name is going to be Old Man Haynes. We'll see if that sticks or not.
This is the first Grandchild of John and Marie. We're not sure what her grandma name is going to be yet.
Baby Claire that isn't a baby anymore got to hold him. She was pretty excited about it I think.
Grammer and Grumps came by for a visit.
Andrea is pretty stoked about being an aunt.
This is me holding him. I look pretty hideous.
Proud Daddy holding him. Adam is very excited about having Parker.

This is the first time that I got to hold him. I was so excited to see him.


Laurie said...

aww your baby boy is precious! i hope yall are doing great adjusting at home.

Sarah Fruge said...

I can't get over how cute he is!! I can't wait until I have another little baby! I love the first pic of him in the carseat. I'm glad you got to go home a day early! Claire loved holding him. She has told everyone she sees that she got to hold Baby Parker!

Tucker's Mom said...

Congratulations Kim! Enjoy every minute of it-it goes by fast!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

He really is perfect!! Sorry about the C should punch that nurse in the nose and when she cries say "whos the tiddy baby now"??? Just kidding....I would never result to violence! Congrats! He really is beautifull.

Heather said...

He is SOOOO stinking cute guys! Seriously I can not WAIT to get there and see him (and you of course lol). Give him tons of hugs and kisses from his family in Austin =)

Maren said...

Kim those are the cutest pictures!!!!! I didn't know you had to have a C-section. How are you doing? We will be in Mid County Friday if you don't mind us coming by to see you guys!!!

Rondi said...

He is absolutely beautiful. And I love his name. Sorry about the C-section. Kim had one with the twins and did very well. You will be amazed how quickly you start feeling better. And with that gorgeous little boy to hold all day, he should make everything perfect.

Eric and Hilary said...

how exciting kim! he is so cute and you will be such a good fun mommy. im so proud of you. what an exciting time in your lives! congrats! ps i love that you called yourself hideous in the one picture. carrying the trend all the way in texas! haha

JJB said...

ok, I cried seeing his lil photo.. I LOVE him...he looks like you..I am sure looks like you both..but my first thought was you. he is so very precious. I am so proud of you. Since I wont get to squeeze him for a while, please whisper in his perfect ear that "Miss Jan loves him" makes my heart swell with pride..I love you, & can't imagine the pain you are feeling, but I know the Lord is right by your side. Don't forget to get yourself a blessing sweet lady.. lots of hugs,squeezes and kisses from me! Way to go Adam and you both..oh, love all 3 of you!!! Miss jan

Shane said...

I think ya'll (meaning people over there in South East Texas) are funny with having to decide on specific names for grandparents....

Maybe thats because growing up there never were any specific names. My Grandma was called Grandma, and my Grandpa was called Grandpa. All of them had the same name. Still today I could care less what Hannah calls my mom.

Oh yeah and thats a cute little guy you have in your home now! I'm second guessing if he is REALLY Adams now that I see how HUGE that hat is on him.

ChrisandLindsay said...

Ahhh, he is soo cute! And we totally have the same carseat!! Did you get it at Toys R' Us? I'm glad everything went well for you. I can't believe it was so long until you were able to hold him. At the hospital here there isn't a nursery so they cleaned him up right there in the room with me, and then he slept in the room with me too at nights...until I was so tired from being up all night and we took him up to the front desk for the nurses to take care of him until the morning so I could get some sleep. Anyways, Congratulations again and good luck with everything!!!! He's adorable!

Sunshine said...

He is sweet and I love all the pics. You look and sound like you did good! Props to Adam for changing diapers and helping out. There is nothing better than a husband like that right afterwards!