Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Cute Little Boy!!

at the end of the video he is starting to wake up...he's soo cute


Ryan and Jacquie said...

he's so cute! ok i'm completely jealous. i want a baby!!!

JJB said...

ok..Kimmers...I LOVE him and can't wait to see him...he is so precious....Ithink he looks like obth of you actually... please give him a love for me..seeing his lil vidoe made me cry.. love ya...Jan

Eric and Hilary said...

SO cute! i JUst want to pick him up and squeeze him! i love how it looks like he raises his eyebrows and one point like why the heck are you taking a video of me while im trying to sleep. hahahah love it. i wish i hadve taken a video of sierra when she was that little! you will love having these when hes a bit older! even now we can hardly remember what she was like 7 months ago!