Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy Dreams

I decided that since I have become pregnant, crazy dreams happen. Let me tell you about this...

I think it all started when I found out I was pregnant and started taking the pre-natal vitamins. I am not sure why but that's when the first dream came. So here goes

1) I was part of Ocean's Eleven (you know the movie). It was a shortened version of the movie, but in the end I was caught and arrested. I am not sure why. They don't get caught in the movie at all. It was really crazy and kinda freaked me out because it was so real.2) One of my all time favorite tv shows is CSI. It is so amazing. So dream number two I was a member of the CSI crew (the show CSI Las Vegas not Miami or New York) and I was shot. Are you kidding me. First arrested then shot. It is so crazy.

3) I took a nap one Sunday afternoon and Court and Janelle were on their way here from Lufkin. I had a dream they got in a crazy wreck on the way here that a tire from a huge truck fell out of the back and ruined his truck. I don't know why, it just happened. (no it really didn't happen, but we did call court to let him know to watch out for tire trucks!)

4) I don't know why this one happened but it was today. Three of my friends and Me were in some hotel room. I won't name names because all of us are married to different people and two of the friends were female and the other was male. The people involved might think this as weird/funny and the spouses might too, but I am not sure they might think I'm totally crazy so anyways. We hung out and went to a carnival and then all stayed in a hotel together and had a blast. The next day my parents called concerned for not calling them to update them on where we were and what we were doing. The male in the group commented that I was 24 years old and I shouldn't have to report in, but you know. I then woke up to my mom calling me... Crazy

I don't remember any more specifics...but tell me how weird all this is....I can't believe it sometimes...


Hilary said...

I bet it's more hormones that vitamins. Maybe you should go to and see if there's any interesting info!