Friday, January 9, 2009

A rule is a rule

So with the good chance that Parker will be here on Monday, I decided to re-address my rules, edit a few, perhaps delete a few, add a few, etc.

1) Everyone MUST was their hands before holding him. Our hands get so many germs on them, the first few weeks he's here I don't want him getting sick. So this is a must.

2) He is not the social event of the hour. He will not be passed around at church or anywhere else for that matter. With it being flu season and with colds going around, I don't know who is sick and who isn't so it's important to me that I try to "protect" him from these ailments.

3) If I want you to hold him, I'll offer it to don't ask. :) this one can be taken kinda rude, but it has gotten old hearing people say when are you due, what are you having, etc. and it will get old hearing can I hold him. I'm not planning on bringing the car seat in to church because it will just get in the way and with Mom, Dad, Kari, Matt, Adam and Me all going to the same ward, it will be easy to take care of him during church.

4) If you smell like smoke, you will not be able to hold him. Smoking makes me gag. I hate when people stand right outside Walmart or somewhere and smoke. Move further away. Your cig is not that important.

5) If you finally get to hold him and you get animal hair on him, you might have just lost your privileges. When I worked at the dry cleaners and had to get all the hair off the clothes before they went in the machine it grossed me out. I'm not going to pick animal hair off of him.

6) No you aren't taking him anywhere, so don't ask.

7) If you want to stop by for a visit, make sure you have a phone with you, because I am not a fan of people just popping by. I like a little warning. Please call ahead to make sure we are home and that it's okay.

8) When he sleeps, I'm going to sleep. I don't care who is over, Adam will have to be the entertainment, because as of right now, Parker sleeps all day and goes wild and crazy at night. If he is like that when he gets here, it won't be too fun. So don't be offended.

9) Just because you see him with Adam and not me, the rules still stand. Adam and I have talked about it and he knows and respects how I feel.

10) I'm not going to wake him up to eat. They say babies should eat every four hours. However, they know when they are hungry and he will let me know. If he is hungry, he'll eat. If he is sleeping, he'll sleep. That's that.

11) Don't kiss him and get lipstick or makeup or anything else for that matter all over him. I hated that when I was a kid and I don't want to have to clean it off of him.

When he is actually here, I might change my mind on a few of these, but I'm not sure. You never can be too careful when it comes to someone else's health, etc.


Adam said...

12) No complaining about the rules or i will reach back like a pimp and slap you like a ho.

Sunshine said...

You crack me up~ !I am laughing so hard. This sounds like me when I had my little guys! Stick to your guns and don't be afraid to say " I am sorry were not letting anyone hold him right now" :) Send me your mailing address so I can mail your gift. Sorry I am not able to come to the shower. I am sure it will be great. Best of luck to you Monday. I will be thinking about ya! Hugs

Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

Good Luck you Guys! I hope everything goes great and can't wait to see pictures. Kim, I love your rules, and hey that the fun part is you now get to make the rules. But, When I get a chance to go the Texas, you better let me hold it, which I will make sure I go there first so I won't have Andrea's stupid cat hair on me. LOL! Anyways good luck and I wish you two the best!

John & Marie Haynes said...

See you THREE on MONDAY.

Shane said...

Number 10 definitely applied to Hannah, and thats what me and Heather always said, Nana Suz never liked that though...

Hannah has always been a bad eater, and she is still alive right?

Number 11 we may have a problem with... I guess I'll NEVER be able to kiss him.