Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Shower 2

I haven't posted pictures from our Mid-County/Twin City Shower yet...So here are some pictures...
Caryn made the cute diaper cake and the Wooden Letters. They are now stapled to a ribbon hanging in Parkers room Vertically. It is soo cute.
This is the crib that Mom has had since Christopher was a baby. It really doesn't have a spot at her house right now, but when Parker goes over there, that's what he takes a nap in. It served as the "gift table" at the shower and the blanket is from Mom and Dad. Mom had Caryn pick it up on her way in to town and Taylor wouldn't let the lady at Target put it in a bag because it was so soft and she wanted to carry it. She held it the whole way to Moms and didn't want to give it up. Adam wants a blanket like it that is just as soft.
Sarah got the cake for us. I cheated on my gestational diabetes and ate a tiny piece at the shower. That is all I had the whole time. It was so good. Yellow Cake with Chocolate frosting. Patty is Amazing!!! I love the cake.
I was privileged enough to have Shawna drive all the way from Houston to come to the shower. I haven't seen her in ages and miss her dearly. Thanks Shawna for coming and then leaving and driving all the way back home so late at night! We were all chitchatting waiting for the guests to arrive in this picture.
Here is a picture of some of the guests. It was so good to see everyone and we appreciate everyone coming and for all the gifts we got. We love everything.
Claire and Taylor were helping me with my gifts. Claire kept emptying this bag before I could see what anything was and Taylor kept bringing me more gifts. The little girl in the white shirt is Holly's little girl.
My aunt is making this blanket for Parker. It is so cute. All kinds of animals (the monkeys are precious on it). She didn't get it finished before the shower so she took it home with her to finish. I can't wait to see the finished product!
Everyone knows that Adam loves argyle for some odd reason. I'm not quite sure why but he does. This is from Court and Janelle and Meredith. We love it. It is a 3-6 months so he hasn't worn it yet, but don't worry. He will!
My face is hideous in this one. I was getting tired of being the center of attention and started making weird faces for the camera. Parker loves this towel because right now it is big enough to wrap around him a few times to keep him warm after we give him his baths!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

wow they did an awesome job the shower. everything is do dang cute...diaper cake, letters, cake, etc. the blanket is adorable. looks like you got spoiled missy!!