Monday, September 8, 2008


My adviser said she emailed the info to the transcript evaluator to see if they would accept it. If they would, then I wouldn't have to hear from the communication head. I am crossing my fingers and saying my prayers they will accept it. If not then I will have to talk to the comm head and I already know what he's gonna tell me. I am going to try to get in an on campus class in the morning though as my backup. I don't want to get stuck and then not be able to graduate. It is an 8 o'clock class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and because of good ol Gustav, they have only met three times. So I'm sure I haven't missed much. I just have to see if he is willing to add me because I think it is technically past the add date. :( If they accept the BYU class, then I'll drop this class (if I am added of course) and take that one. I tried adding the class online today and it wouldn't let me, but it also kicked me out of my current class. So as of this moment I'm not I'm any Public Speaking class. Hopefully everything will work out.

Hurricane Ike is supposedly headed for us. Should we evacuate? Out of our trailer yes. Out of the area, I don't know. It's over Cuba right now and we won't know where its headed until later in the week. So hopefully my class works out and hopefully Ike doesn't destroy my home :)