Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Strongly Dislike...

- Lamar University
- Old people that don't go the speed limit
- Old people that cut out in front of you while driving
- People not using their blinkers
- Speaking in front of people
- Work
- Being in Charge of Something Alone (I like group things)
- Tests
- Homework
- Being a "boss"
- Having tons of responsibility
- Having to be on a set schedule that isn't mine (class, work, Adam's work, Co-workers schedule)
- Having to work without Air Conditioning (it went out yesterday and was 95 degrees inside)
- Having to wear a uniform that you have to pay for (shirt - $20) and they are crap and too short
- Having to tuck in my shirt (luckily since I'm pregnant the boss said I didn't have to right now)
- Not being able to go get a pedicure
- Having to give myself a pedicure and it looking crappy
- Gaining weight
- My ring not fitting
- My legs swelling
- Being Tired all the time
- My stomach hurting after I bend over
- Having to clean bathrooms
- Doing Dishes
- Using Public Restrooms (they are so disgusting)
- No being able to sleep comfy (tossing and turning all night)
- My clothes not fitting
- Having to dress nice for a speech and not having anything to dress nice with
- Having a wardrobe consisting of a few Maternity Capris and T-shirts because that's all that fits
- Not looking cute all the time (pregnant people are suppose to look cute all the time right?)
- My face breaking out (thanks IKE)
- Not living close to my friends
- Finding out you are pregnant at 4 or 5 weeks (I hate that I found out so early it's made for a long pregnancy)
- Still having 16 weeks left to go
- Not knowing how much the kid will weigh (but we are praying he's not 12 lbs 7 oz like I was)
- Big babies in the family (mom had six kids all over 10 lbs with the biggest at 12 lbs 9 oz)
- The anticipation of being able to hold my little baby in my arms (I just want him here already)
- My older sister being 2 1/2 hours away (too far when you want expert advice, help & a friend)

That's my saga for now. Tune in next time and maybe I'll be more pleasant.


Maren said...

Kim you make me laugh!!!! When I was pregnant I loved it. I guess I am one of those weirdos!! haha!!!! All will be worth it when they lay that litle baby in your arms for the first time!!!!!

Sarah Fruge said...

Hey, where did you go to make that picture thing at the top of your blog? That's really cute!

JJB said...

Dear Sweet Kimmers, what I would give to have been able to be pregnant,get pregnant. Enjoy every miserable moment!:o) I am sure the reality of not getting pregnant has to be more painful than being pregnant..right? :o) I know your just venting...just wanted to help you see the brighter side. I think you look BEAUTIFUL pregnant! Sure love ya! Mrs Jan...

Heather said...

I would love to come down to see you guys when you have the baby. What is your due date again?