Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures of Ike

So our entertainment has been the wii and the wii fit because nothing is open so we can't go anywhere. My mom is usually the lead score on the wii fit - ski jump. I don't know how she does it but she is amazing. I can never get over two hundred, but the other night I managed to get a 165 and a 166 which adds up to 331. I beat her. Check out those scores.

As we were driving home today from Buna (yes we finally have power) we drove down Hwy 62 through Mauriceville, Orange, Bridge City etc. to make it home. This is a gas station on the corner of 62 and I-10. The Conoco sign broke off. I can't believe it. The other signs around there seemed to be okay. It was just this one. We grabbed my phone quick to take a picture cause I wanted to post on the blog so everyone could see what we are going through.

This is the Shell Station in Bridge City. As you can see, it didn't make it through Ike. The roof collapsed and landed on the pumps. It will take months to fix everything in Bridge City as it was all under water when Ike hit shore.

This is the Exxon Station. The whole roof blew off and is on the left side. The red thing to the left of the palm tree isn't a car. It is the roof.

This is the corner of 87 and Ferry Trail I think. Adam took this picture because of the random toilet sitting in the median and the random roof back behind it. We couldn't find where the roof came from. Craziness.

Matt took pictures of Meredith with my phone while we were evacuated up there. Needless to say she didn't have fun the whole time. Her face is so cute.

I just wanted everyone to see pictures so they would know how bad it really was. School is supposed to start back up Thursday the 25th and I still don't know about work. They are lifting the mandatory evacuation tomorrow at 6 am. So I guess by Monday I will be back at work. I don't want to go back. I've enjoyed not having anywhere to go.