Friday, September 5, 2008


So here is the update on my crappy Public Speaking class. They won't do jack squat for me. I emailed the communications department and he called me a liar. I didn't lie about anything. He said that people couldn't have emailed me or told me that they didn't have time for this because all the students responded and said they could. Well I can't help that they told her that. He also told me that I talked to the wrong person in Distance Education. The person I spoke with spoke with all of them and she talked to one to get everything set up and hasn't called since and now all of a sudden the technology isn't working according to her. Since I go to campus for my one class on Monday's I lied saying I didn't have time or energy to go up there for her two speeches. I have been working, taking 16 hours, and PREGNANT. That takes a lot out of a girl. UGH.

I hate going to campus. That's why I take online classes. The fact that he is calling me a liar is hurtful. I can't handle that. I was very nice and polite in my email to him asking if he could help the few of us out and he calls me a liar. I'm pregnant and hormonal and in tears that he would do that, but you know I guess it's the honest people that really do get hurt in this world and the liars, cheaters, etc. get everything they can and all the help they can get. I can't go to anyone else since I emailed the dean of comm, but I wish I could go to someone higher up.