Sunday, September 21, 2008

I hate IKE

As you all know we were married in March and it took me about a month to get our fridge stocked up with all the important necessities. You know....ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, salad dressing, bbq sauce, A1, etc. Well since we were without power, my mom had to go over to our house while we were evacuated and clean it all out. She tossed everything...even the top of our Wedding Cake that we were gonna get to eat in March. Sad day.

We had a 30 minute sacrament meeting today because most people are out trying to clean up debris still. I bet there were 25 people there tops. After the meeting the bishop told us all that there were two families that needed needed a blue tarp put on his roof due to damage and the other family had water in their house and everything had to come out. Mom said that won't climb up on a roof but she can "demuck" a house. So Mom, Kari, Matt and Adam went to go help that family. I feel so bad for them. The bishop's daughter lives in Bridge City and they got water in her house too. I hear about 6 feet of water. I'm not totally sure.

I was going to cook dinner for them (mom, kari, matt, adam) but mom has nothing in her fridge and freezer for me to make. I hate having to restock a fridge/freezer. Here we go again. Thanks a lot IKE.