Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Your Calendars

Yes. That's right. Everyone needs to mark their calendars because I cooked the entire meal by myself for my husband. He made the Kool-Aid, however I made the salsa, queso and chicken enchiladas. They were so good. I was kinda nervous to cook enchiladas because Adam doesn't do sour cream and he doesn't do cream of chicken soup. I got the recipe from Caryn and it had both in it and I didn't get the sour cream back in the fridge before he got home. So he kinda complained a little but said since I actually cooked, he would try it. He said they were good and that I could make them again sometime. It is so hard when he is so picky. We have eaten dinner three nights in a row at our own lil house now. That's good for us. Since we have been married, we have eaten at moms ever since we have gotten married and he hasn't felt to good about it. Caryn harasses me all the time that I never cook. I COOKED CARYN!!!! Are you proud of me?


Allison said...

Hooray! That is exciting and great for you. My favorite website to get recipes is that is where I try to get inspiration and I love to read the comments to see what people did (their tricks and tips!) Keep on cookin'!

Amanda & Jeremy Page said...

Yeah Kim, I am glad to hear you made Adam try more stuff. Good Job!