Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Again

We headed to Buna last night and stayed at Adam's Dad's house. The storm looked as though it was headed to Lufkin so we wanted to get out of there and not get stuck since we all had to be back at work and school by Wednesday. We drove through a little bit of rain and wind, but it wasn't bad at all. I have driven through much worse weather. We woke up this morning and headed into Beaumont and spent the day shopping. I got a much needed new pair of shoes and Adam, well he got tons of stuff yesterday in Lufkin so he didn't get anything today. We went to lunch and then came home to relax. I missed my house. I am never here and usually at my mom's. But there is nothing like sleeping at your own house in your own bed. Ever since we have been married, I haven't slept very good at all at other places. It is crazy.

It has been a clear and beautiful day. No rain at all. There are more businesses open around here than closed and I am pretty surprised. We drove past work on the way home and the owners still have it all boarded up. I am glad I didn't have to work there today. I would hate sitting inside there. Well, Matt and Adam are playing video games so I might go start dinner. Yum Yum. Mom would be so proud.