Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Hate Lamar...But I'm Getting Used to It

So with all the Public Speaking hub-bub, I am finally in a class that I can graduate with and that will be an okay class. It is like Business Public Speaking or something like that. Kari's fiancee is in the class and told me that his professor would probably add me and so I went to the class this morning and after class I asked if he would add me. He said he was willing but didn't have authorization to add me so we had to talk to the secretary and the dean of comm. (Luckily they didn't tell the dean my last name hehe.) They let me add it with no problems. I then went and spoke with my adviser and she said it was acceptable for me to graduate with that class as my comm core class. She doubled checked with the general studies head just to be sure. I'm in, I'm good. I'm set. I am enjoying this. A professor that is decent. My adviser helping me. Things working out. I suppose prayers really are answered aren't they. Now lets see if I can get a decent grade in all my classes to graduate.

Waling for fitness will be okay. Pub Speaking should be okay. Marketing...I'm a bit nervous. Statistics is okay (a co-worker is in the class with me so we help each other out.) History...I am a bit nervous because its only tests and a few book reports. Scary. Well wish me luck on a new adventure of trying to graduate.

I went to get a parking permit for my one class (paid like 30 bucks i think) and I am one hour short of being a senior so I can't park close to my building. I will have to tough it out and be brave. Mom's coworker Shelly said to go complain and tell them I need a special pass because I am pregnant. Her daughter did it and they made fun of her because walking is good for you. It's not good when its 95 degrees outside but feels like 110. That's bad for the baby right??? So I may ask for a special pass to park up close to my building. I dunno yet.

We may not have to evacuate either with Ike. For now its headed towards South Texas!!! Good for us for now. We'll see what happens.