Sunday, December 14, 2008

4 Days

There are four more official days of the semester. I have three (maybe four) tests left and I am done. I have a statistics, history, and public speaking test left to go this week. If I do poory on the stats test I have to take the final to improve my grade. Right now without this test I have an 89.6 I think in the class.

My group project due Saturday was horrible. I finally received the paper at almost 4 o'clock. It was the worst paper I have ever read. It was as though 4 people wrote the same thing and just pasted it one after the other. It was so out of order and everything was repeated over and over. So one group member rewrote the paper for me and I got the final draft at 9 pm. I then had 3 hours to finish the power point. As I was uploading the paper and power point the time turned from 11:59 (the time it was due) to 12:00. It said that we uploaded everything, it just wasn't submitted. I emailed it to the professor and she said that we had 6 weeks to do it and she doesn't understand why we would wait until the last second to turn it in and she would accept it, but we were going to have points taken off our grade. That kinda makes me mad because all I was in charge of was the power point and every time I asked about the paper, how it was coming, do I need to help, they said that we had until midnight to turn the paper and power point in and they were fine. So apparently they thought I could whip out a power point in like 2 seconds over a paper. Not possible. Lame....I hate group projects.

Only 4 days left and I am done! Yippee!


Hilary said...

I feel your pain. At least it's over!