Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh I just can't wait to be stress-free

Well school related stress free anyways. I have four class days of my speech class left and 2 class days of my editing class left. Only 18 days until I graduate I think. I am getting pretty excited. The editing class hasn't been to bad because Adam is actually in the class with me and he has been my partner for all the editing projects. My speech class is starting to majorly stress me out again...

We have to do interviews on Thursday (to save time we are interviewing him as a group or something I dunno. It's kinda confusing). Tuesday we start presenting our group project which is a restaurant and we have to talk about our budget and I have no idea what else because we haven't seen an example of it yet. So we have to compile a bunch of things into a booklet and we don't really know what it is supposed to look like or anything. I am kinda upset about that because I feel like I am going into this major project only knowing that it is a major part of our grade.

I still have lots of statistics homework to go, but I am working on it slowly (but surely) and am ready to have it done. I wish I hadn't have put it off to the last minute because it is sooo time consuming. But I am a procrastinator and I suppose that is what I do best.

I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm going to ask him how he feels about Parker's weight to see what he wants to do about it. Maybe induce me a few weeks early or maybe and early c-section or perhaps he will say it is still way to soon to decide. When in fact I am 33 weeks and he originally said he didn't want me to go before 38 weeks but not a day after 40 weeks. So if he induces me two weeks early because he is already so big, he might be born on the 6th. That'll be fun right?


Hilary said...

Don't get a C-section if you can help it! It's a major surgery and you won't even be able to hold him :(

Maren said...

Um...can you tell him to take him on the 7th!! I would love to share my birthday!!! as far as going early...boys develop slower!! I can't wait to see him!!! :-)