Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Snowed in Nederland Texas

So if you read my previous post, you will see that they said it was going to snow. Who really believes the weather people anyways right. It's just some crazy prediction right? WRONG. I woke up this morning to shower and get ready for my group presentation and looked out the window and saw white. Everywhere (well except the cement). I left Idaho, Snow, Cold, Ice, to be warm and cozy during the winter. I am fine with the temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but the 30s and snow down here is a little ridiculous.

Do you see the snow covering the ground and roof of this house and the snow still under my windshield wipers?Mom's neighbors made these cute snowmen before they left for school. Crazy that there was enough snow to get two decent sized (well decent in the fact that you can actually see it from the road or across the street) snowmen built.
Look how pretty the field is.
Adam's car after he had started it and cleaned the windshield. He started mine early too and cleaned my windshield. What a sweet husband I have.
We even had snow on our steps. Adam kinda cleared it off this morning by going out and starting our cars, he wouldn't let me walk down the steps without holding on to the top and to him because there aren't side rails and he didn't want me to fall. He even said that when I was done with school I couldn't go straight home because he was scared the ice/snow would still be on the steps and he wouldn't be home to help me get back inside. (You think it's just cause I'm pregnant? Or because he is that sweet to me? He is that sweet to me...he would have done it no matter what.)
This is just to the right of our porch and the pretty snow.
Adam's car before he uncovered it.

School still has a good amount of snow on the ground. Although it is pretty and fun to look at, it is not fun to drive in when you live in an area that gets no snow and no real ice and people aren't used to driving in it. Luckily, living in Idaho, I have driven in it and know what it's like and it wasn't too bad. The roads weren't really icy at all...just all the overpasses.

Our group project went fairly well. He loved our booklet. He got on to me for not breathing and slowing down, but I was having a hard time breathing this morning while I was talking. It isn't easy to speak for 5 minutes straight non-stop sharing your stomach with someone else. We called my cousin Mike for tips and he was great in giving us feedback because part of it had to do with breaking the law, etc and he is an attorney, so we got stars for that. He was excited that we quoted the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and the laws and all that. So our hat's off to you Michael Shane! We get to turn in our critiques on each other and you better believe that the kid that did nothing is not going to get a good score. He finally emailed his part of the packet at 6:45 only an hour and forty five minutes after it was printed and bound and all he sent were websites. No writing of any sort and we told him the day before that we needed everything before we met yesterday at 1 so I could have the complete booklet for the group to see before the final print. So there was not a total rough draft at the meeting, he didn't show up at the meeting, and didn't do anything. I'm still pretty bitter about it, but I am moving on to my next group project that is due on Saturday. The rest of the group wrote the paper and I just have to do a powerpoint on it. That should be easy enough right?

Well this is stinking long enough!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

love ya kim ;)

Adam said...

I demand we all start polluting more immediately. I want my dang global warming and i want it now,