Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Almost Here

Seeing all of my friends graduation pictures from this semester is making me excited more and more for mine. I have two tests left. One online and the other in class on Thursday and then on Saturday is the big day. I know that I've posted about this a lot, but it is really exciting for me because I hate school so much.

It has really taken a toll on Adam. Working full time, taking 13 hours, helping me with my 15 hours, anticipating a baby, he is exhausted all the time. There is never enough time in the day for him to get things done. He comes home and just wants to be a bum and sit around and do nothing. Some days I don't blame him. Especially after yesterday and last night. He had work from 8-5, then we both have class together from 5:30-8. Luckily we left school around 7:30 because we finished our project. A friend of mine then came over for us to help her on her statistics. She left around 12:30. We immediately went to bed. We were both so tired. Then at about 1:30 I heard chattering and the bed was shaking. I look over at Adam and the poor guy was in a ball with his teeth chattering. He was freezing and said he didn't feel good. He got up and changed into sweat pants (Adam can't sleep in long pants because he gets so hot sleeping so this is crazy for him). Our bed has our sheet, comforter, and the blanket that the guests at my wedding shower made for us on top of us. I put another blanket on top of him and tried to scoot close to him to give him body heat. He was sick half the night and had to get up a few times to visit the porcelain palace. Poor fella. We'll that's enough for tonight.


Hilary said...

Everything's going to happen at the same time, and it's gonna be crazy! Graduation, BAM! baby, BAM! Christmas, BAM! you're preggers again...

Just kidding on the last one. Exciting times! Hope Adam feels better.