Friday, December 5, 2008


I meant to talk about this earlier but I forgot...

We went to babysrus and target to register a long time ago for all the fun things we want for little Parker. We found a crib that we liked, it was expensive, but we liked it. My mother in law then found a cute crib and the name of it was Parker so we looked online and it was at babysrus too. We wanted it in cherry because Adam likes darker wood better, yadda yadda yadda. So we registered for it. Last night my father in law called to tell us he couldn't find it on the registry. Are you kidding me? Did it get deleted some how?

So I went home and checked and it is completely gone off their website. They still have the dresser and changing table in cherry but not the crib and the crib is the only thing I really wanted. So we registered for the coffee color I think instead. It is still cute, but I really wanted the cherry. We found new bedding on babysrus too that we like. I left the original one on there that I still like a lot. So if you go look at our registry see if you can guess which one Adam likes better and which one I like better.