Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas...

and all through the house. The Haynes were busy stirring about. They laid out their stocking by the cute little tree that Mr. Haynes purchased only 5 days ago. They opened their new pajamas and were thrilled to no end. Their tummies were filled from all the good food they had eaten, from the Haynes, the McCallons, and Tuckers that day. Both exhausted and tired, she found more to do, for the house wasn't ready for St. Nick that night. The washer was going and even the dryer with all the laundry they hadn't yet gotten to.

Okay enough of my silly, crazy story. We have had a long day. We left at 11 to head to Matt's house with the shrimp they needed for the gumbo. We hung out until about 2 and then headed to Adam's parents to spend time with them. Marie made some potatoes and steak fingers and it was amazing. She also had cheesecake. I only had one little bit of Adam's. I was a good girl all day. We headed back to McCallons to get Kari and Matt to head to Vidor. We ate breakfast for dinner (tradition) at my aunts house. Everyone opened pajamas (another tradition). Adam and I left ours at home. We dropped off Kari and Matt at their house and headed home. We opened our pajamas and started a load of laundry and folded clothes and I am so tired. I have been tired all day.

Tomorrow we are headed to Caryn's to spend time with her family and Court's family. We are excited to be able to spend time with family around the holidays. This will probably be the last trip to Lufkin we make before Parker comes. I get really tired of sitting in the same position in the car. It is killing me. The aches and pains, but it will all be worth it in the end. Well I am headed to bed. I'll post more tomorrow!