Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amazing Husband

So I meant to post about this last night after I got home from all my fun, but I was so tired that I just couldn't. I have had a head cold since Tuesday and it seems as though it is only getting worse and worse. I have been taking Tylenol cold (not much you can take when your pregnant), and it isn't really working, but life goes on. Adam and Matt went Christmas shopping last night for their wives hoping to help each other out. They came back to moms to get me and Adam and I headed home.

We keep a lamp on in the living room so it's not so dark when we get home and it was off when we pulled up. It's a touch lamp and when the washer is going, it moves through the settings of low, med, high, and off. So I just figured I must have started a load of laundry and forgotten. I walked inside and saw a little 32 inch tree on our end table. It is so cute. Adam and I hadn't really gone out to get one, but I told him I wanted a small 1-3 footer. I told him we wouldn't have any presents to put under it, but at least our house would have a little bit of decor. It is fiber-optic so he didn't have to buy lights, he did however get little tiny ornaments to hang on the tree and when I got home we added a few of mine from when I was growing up and we put my little Rudolph ornament on the top as our tree topper. It was so cute and exciting.

I love that he just wanted to do something sweet to surprise me. He is such an amazing guy. I can't wait for Parker to be here so that I get to see what a sweet, amazing dad he will be. He will be here before we know it.


Hilary said...

AJ and I were just laughing about how your lamp goes on and off when your washer is running. Hahaha. You need to remember to tell your kids that part of your newlywed life.

Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

OH, how sweet!! Cute tree! Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and congrats on the graduation. I am going to send you something when I get back. Take care!