Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

So here is my Christmas Wish List. Everything is freaking expensive this year, but it is stuff I really want/"need".

-A Chi Straightener (w/gift receipt so when it breaks I only have to pay $15 to fix it. If you get it on ebay, you have to pay like $30 or $40)
-A digital Camera (a must have before the baby comes so that I can capture precious moments in his life and send pictures to all my friends)
-My glider and ottoman (in my baby registry on in the chestnut color) (This could be a baby gift or a Christmas gift. I'm going to have to have a way to rock lil Parker to sleep right? Yes!)
-A MacBook Pro (I love Adam's work one and my computer is lame!)
-Money for a new wardrobe for after little Parker is born. (I am hoping since I have only gained 7 lbs with him that I can work out after he is born and get skinnier than my pre-pregnancy clothes)

That's pretty much it. I'm not counting on any of it actually, but a girl can wish/dream/hope right?!?