Sunday, November 2, 2008


The nerves and anxiety have started to kick in. A girl in our ward told me about what goes on today at the hospital for this kind of thing. She works in that department. They have you meet with a nutritionist and a dietitian so that you can eat right and they check your blood sugar constantly. You don't even have to wear a nasty hospital gown!! That's exciting. But things still have me nervous and emotional. I'm not quite sure what it is but, I feel as though I could cry at any second. Then Adam would ask what's wrong and I feel there is nothing really wrong. There is nothing ever really wrong. I'm just very emotional and hormonal right?

I did finally read the first of the Twilight books. I started it two weeks ago at my doctor's appointment and finished chapter one, then I read all the rest of it this past Wednesday. Adam told me to put it down to do my homework, but I couldn't. I read chapters 2-21 that day and finished the book. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate reading with a passion. I never read in school I would read tidbits here and there, but never a whole book. I just couldn't get interested in them. I borrowed the second one from a good friend of Kari's. Well she's my friend too, but through Kari I suppose. So I'll have something good and productive to do at the hospital while I am sitting there doing nothing. (I hope your proud Caryn!)


Hilary said...

I think people like us (not big readers, but can finish a 500 pager in a day if its about vampire love) really attest to the Twilight phenomenon. It's got some crazy power. Welcome to the team!