Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Update

I went to the doctor this morning. I have officially gained 11 lbs the 32 weeks I have been pregnant. He measured my stomach this morning and said it's measuring at 32. Parker's heart rate sounded like a galloping horse. I have an ultrasound on Wednesday and I go back the next Wednesday (December 3) for a stress test for the baby. He said it's just to monitor the heart rate and all that jazz. It's getting close. I am so excited.

We leave in a little bit to head to Houston for Kari's Wedding. I am so happy for her. Matt has moved all of his stuff completely out of our house. It is so crazy that we have an empty room again. Her roommates are staying at our house tomorrow night and we drive them to the airport Sunday morning at like 6 am. They better appreciate us!! hehe j/k

Kari's Wedding is at 8 am so I have to get up early tomorrow too. Craziness. We'll I'll either blog tonight at the hotel after we all eat together or I'll blog and post pictures tomorrow or Sunday.