Monday, November 3, 2008


Can you believe it? The hospital actually has wifi so we can check our email and post to the blog!!! Pretty exciting when you have nothing better to do. We got here at 7 am to register and give our insurance info etc. They checked my temp and my blood pressure 113 over 66 I think it was...I'm not totally sure. She didn't tell me and I couldn't really see the thing cause it was at an angle. My temp was 97 something. Which is normal for my fam. They brought me breakfast at around 9:30 or 10...delicious (not) scrambled eggs, 1 slice of bacon (it was gross), 1 piece of toast (the bottom was a lil burnt), a nice cup of coffee (thanks I appreciate it but I don't drink coffee) and an 8 oz thing of milk. At 12:15 they checked my blood sugar and I was at 104. I got three units of insulin because it was over 80 (luckily it was under 110 because at 110 I would have to get five units). The dietitian came in and helped me figure out what to order for lunch and said she would be back to go over things with me. I ate a turkey lettuce tomato cheese sandwich with an orange. I was full after the sandwich but they said I had to eat all my food so I slowly at the orange hoping the sandwich would soon digest to make room!

My Endocrinologist then came in to talk to me. He was very nice and polite and didn't say much. Just that tonight I have to give myself the shot and he would be back tomorrow to talk to me. My OB/GYN came to check on me as well. He told me that with my numbers, he thinks I had diabetes before I got pregnant. Not good. He talked to me a few minutes and then headed out the door. My dietitian came back and when over with me things I can eat and what I should order for dinner. I have to order dinner at 4:30 so that I will get it by 5:30. The kitchen shuts down at six or something. So we'll see how dinner goes. Then they came in and told me that they needed blood work from me. AHHH not another needle. I did fine though and here we are at only four o'clock. It is so boring. I think we may go wander the hospital because my doc said to make sure I get up and walk around. So that's that in a nut shell. More reports later. (No bed for Adam to sleep in tonight. He said he may bring a cot up here haha)


Maren said...

Glad to hear that you can get online. At least you have something to do!!! What hospital are you at?? I need to change docs so that when I do get pregnant again I don't have to deliver at St. Elizabeths!!!!! Keep me posted!!!!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

wow what an adventure kim. i'm glad you're keep us posted! lol. i hope you don't get too many more needles. that's tragic. well hang in there. we're praying for you. :)