Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Things have been going well for us. Adam has been helping my parents remodel so that Kari and Matt have a place to stay for a few months. With Hurricane Ike, there are not many apartments available with people being out of their homes and the ones that are empty and available they jacked the prices way up. So with her just graduating and him with probably a year and a half left or so, they are staying with Mom and Dad to save up to afford the much expensive apartments. Adam and Matt have been painting and putting down flooring and putting up trim, etc. It has been really crazy around there and they are running out of time with the wedding on Saturday.

Saturday evening we went to Lufkin to stay with Caryn's family. We hadn't seen the kids in a while and wanted to visit. Hunter and Taylor also had their primary presentation at church on Sunday so we stayed and went to that. They were so cute singing songs about Christ and telling their parts.

We have both been busy with homework (I have a lot of Statistics to do...I guess I should get started on that). I go to the diabetes doctor tomorrow to turn in my numbers to show him how I have been doing. I have had maybe 4 or 5 numbers in two and a half weeks that were higher (as in 123, 120, 116, 153) than my normals (89, 90, 99). The 153 was last night and it's because I cheated and ate popcorn. Adam went and rented a movie for me to watch while he did his homework. I didn't eat much of the popcorn, but apparently I ate enough to matter. I go to my ob/gyn on Friday for my checkup to see how that is going and then next Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) I have another ultrasound to check on the baby and see how big he is getting. People with gestational diabetes tend to have bigger babies apparently and with my family history of big babies, I am a little worried.

I am still giving myself shots 4 times a day. Some hurt worse than others. I have a few bruises from the needles here and there, but what can you do?

I have to give another speech on Thursday. I am not looking forward to it. The nerves are already kicking in. It's a persuasive speech on abortion. I am totally against it. If you don't want a baby then don't do the deed and if you are crazy and do it anyways and get pregnant, the baby should be put up for adoption because there are people out there that want kids that can't have kids. So hopefully I will do well in my speech.

Well, that's that in a nut shell.


Lydia said...

Wow! You guys are busy! Good Luck with it all!! lol

Garon T said...

Crazy life you have going on. Hopefully all will smooth out for you and you will get some rest. Take care.