Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I really love that Adam...

- "helps" me with my homework
- tells me to take naps
- sits there quietly while I read
- lets me take his laptop from him so I can check my email and blogs
- takes out the trash so I don't have to
- helps me clean up around the house
- lets me go to bed whenever I want
- helps me fold the laundry
- puts his own laundry away
- puts his shoes away so I don't trip on them
- stayed with me at the Hospital as long as he could
- stays with me when I'm sick (within reason--he doesn't skip work or church or anything but doesn't go out without me)
- goes and gets medicine for me when I am sick
- comforts me when I'm having a hormonal (only happening cause I'm pregnant) breakdown
- lets me go see my sister's family and brother's family when I want
- stays at my parents house as long as I want to
- gets excited when he can actually see Baby Haynes kicking me
- gets up right when he has sat down if I ask him for something (drink, food, etc.)
- turns the tv down way low so I can't hear it as I try to sleep
- treats me as an equal
- has started playing his guitar again (he's just been too busy I suppose)
- is creative enough to have designed our wedding announcements so we wouldn't have to pay out the nose for them
- lets me buy things when I want
- lets me listen to my kind of music in the car (for the most part)
- lets me pick what we watch
- defends me when someone is rude or talks down to me
- respects me and my opinion
- hears me out when we disagree
- hugs me right when he walks through the door
- has finally agreed that we are not naming our little boy batman and that he will not wear a batman outfit on the way home from the hospital (not really but I can dream right?)
- calls me by lunchtime every day to check on me if he hasn't heard from me
- calls me on his way home to see if I need something
- freezes at night when I am burning up
- can give me blessings when I need them
- can take me to the temple
- makes me laugh
- makes me smile


Adam said...

dang i'm amazing....

just kidding, i love you too sweatheart