Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kari's Wedding

We had a wonderful time at the temple on Saturday for Kari and Matt's sealing. The room was full of friends and family. This was the first time that Mom and Dad and all six of their kids were in the temple together because Crick couldn't make it down for her endowment session. We all sat in a row (well except Kari...she was across from us), but it was nice to be there with our spouses and the whole family. I was fortunate because Adam's parents were there too. It was neat to be there with my family and my in-laws. The McCallons are kinda like my in-laws too because they are Adam's second parents. The reception was nice and lots of people showed up. I went home and was in bed by 10 or 10:30 with my feet propped up on a pillow because my legs and feet were swollen and killing me.

Here are some pictures from the big day. Jen has hundred's more but I haven't gotten to see those yet so I couldn't post any of the professional pics on here. They are pics from Mom's camera (that Adam had the whole time taking pictures) and Janelle's camera. Enjoy!
Hannah (Heather and Shane's Lil Girl) didn't want to be in any pictures.
Kari's two roommates from BYU came down to be at the reception. They stayed at our house Saturday night and I was so sore and tired that all I did was make their beds, show them the bathroom and the clean towels, the food, told them to help themselves and to come get me if they needed anything. I didn't hear them leave this morning until I heard the front door shut. SORRY GIRLS!
Can you tell Mom was having fun? Adam told me I had to put this one on here because he said it is his favorite one of Mom.
Heather, Matt, Kari and Megan (Matt's two sisters)
The groom's cake (Matt loves penguins...can you tell? They were brownies...I was good and didn't even try one bite!)
The brides cakes...the middle on on the right is rice krispie treats (did I miss spell that?) The rest were white cake (I didn't even take one bite of these either!)
Christopher, Kevin, Kari, Court, Caryn and Me (Jen has all the good pics on her camera (the professonal I should say...Adam and Janelle took all these and they turned out good, put Jen was posing us and Adam and Janelle were standing off to the side so that's why we are never looking at the camera)
Do you think Kari was a little excited?
Megan (Matt's sis), Will (her boyfriend), Caleb (Matt's bro), Suzy (Matt's Mom), David (Matt's Dad), Kari, Matt, Jacob (Matt's bro), Heather (Matt's sis), Hannah (Matt's niece), Shane (Matt's bro-in-law)
It was hard getting all of Kari's nieces and nephews to cooperate during these pictures. Meredith was not happy, Hunter and Taylor wanted to be wandering around, Tucker wanted to be dancing or making weird poses, and Claire wouldn't look at the camera at times and sometimes wanted her mom. Hopefully Jen got some good ones.

Kari and Matt
Kari's two roommates taught Kari how to wink last semester. I had no clue she couldn't wink. They taught her how to wink with her mouth open and so that is the only way she can wink. If we ask her to wink with her mouth shut, she can't do it. It is sooo funny.


Ryan and Jacquie said...

cute pics!! looks like everything went well. i still can't believe kari's married. that's crazy!!!
ps her dress was totally in my top 2 of dresses when i got married... obviously it ended up coming in 2nd place :) but i have a pic of me in it. lol

Maren said...

Too fun!!! I am sorry that I didn't get to make it. Work had me tied down!! They are super cute and I LOVE kari's dress!!!!

Kimberly said...

we kept telling matt it had a belt buckle (you know how kari is with her huge buckles) he kept telling here he didn't like the idea of a belt or buckle on her's okay you had to work...ill tell her when they get back thursday...ill have to tell her jac...

Allison said...

I didn't even know that she was getting married! I'm so out of it! Thanks for posting pictures! They look so happy! :) Tell them congrats for me!