Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Can I just tell you all that I have been going crazy since yesterday. I usually have people to talk to and hang out with during the day (namely Kari and Matt). But with them on their honeymoon, it's been only me at home all day all alone with nothing to do but homework. How lame is that. I have no life. She texted me last night and I texted her back and told her I was lonely without her and to have fun but to hurry home. She responded "lol okay see ya". Hopefully they are having fun. They went and saw Twilight yesterday and I think they were going to the temple today. Caryn is supposed to come over tomorrow so I'll have someone to hang with tomorrow. I also have an ultrasound tomorrow. They want to see how big the baby is due to the gestational diabetes. I'll keep you posted.