Monday, November 10, 2008


It has officially one week with this whole giving myself shots of insulin 2-4 (usually 4) times a day. Not eating sweets. Watching my carbs. I can say that I have been a week without sweets and junk food though (mostly). After Kari's endowment session, we went to a deli to eat and I was good. I got a turkey sandwich and a salad. Didn't drink a soda. I cheated though and got a lemonade, but when it was time for a refill, I got water. I was so thirsty. I suppose it is because I hadn't really drank anything all day. After we finished, dad ordered two pieces of pie with ice cream and one brownie for the ten of us to share. Most of us were soo full that it was more than enough to take a bite and pass it around. I took two bites of the brownie (I guess I'm not as strong as you Jacquie) and it was sooo good. I stopped at that though and didn't eat anymore and I didn't eat the pie with the ice cream and whipped topping (I did feed some whipped topping to Meredith and she loved it. Court was right there watching so I suppose it was approved hehe.) My blood sugars were a little high (for me 114 was the highest) that night and yesterday, but that's because I was pretty much sitting all day (2 hours there in a car, sitting in the temple, sitting at dinner, 2 hours home). They haven't really gone down that much yet. But yesterday was Sunday and I took it as a lazy day and after church, I took a nap. So no real movement there either. Hopefully today with me walking around a lot and trying to get lots done, I'll be back to normal.

Kari's session was supposed to start at two, and most of us were there waiting and ready, but our Lufkin siblings (Caryn, Court and Janelle) hadn't made it yet. You are supposed to be in your seat at 2 and you can't walk in late. So we called and they were two miles away but by the time they made it through traffic, they wouldn't get there until 2:15 or so. We all wanted to be together as a family, so luckily they allowed us to participate in the 3 o'clock session instead. What an amazing experience. Hard to believe in less than two weeks we will be back for her to get married. This is a picture of the temple we were at for her endowment session and we'll go back for her sealing!