Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Haynes

So my little sister is working at Channel 4 News and the weather guy there, Dana Melancon, is one of her buds. His son's name is Dana Parker and just turned one. Kari told him yesterday that we were about 95% sure (again sorry Chris and Lindsay) that we were going to name our little boy Parker. Well Dana said if we name him Dana Parker, that he would be at all of his birthday parties dressed up doing magic tricks, pulling bunnies out of hats, etc. Isn't that so cool. I feel pretty loved. I told Kari to ask him next time he's there if we name him Parker Dana instead if he would do the same...Or even just Parker!!! We'll see.

I'll let you know what I decide about my hair. I think I'm gonna go for it, but I may change my mind when it comes down to it.