Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So giving myself shots 2-4 times a day hasn't been to bad so far. It is only day three, but I have gotten used to it. My sugars have been in the normal range too! So that means its working for now. I go to see the endocrinologist on the 19, my obgyn on the 21, and an ultrasound on the 26. It is pretty crazy that I have an ultrasound the day before thanksgiving. Doctors, Doctors. For someone who hates doctors, I surely have seen them a lot lately.

Kari gets her endowments Saturday! We are so excited for her and Matt. They get married in the temple on the 22. It is so exciting! I'll post pictures soon!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

woah! i like the new background. it's super cute. you can do it kimmy! i have a friend who had gestational diabetes. she didn't love it one bit. but she survived. i know you can too. after a few days it's pretty easy to not think about it. i'm glad the whole doctor thing went ok tho. and you're getting healthy for that lil baby of yours. hang in there!

yay for kari getting married!