Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To Do List

Here is our family's to do list (you think our lives can get any crazier?):

November 19
Kimberly has a drs apt

November 20
Kimberly's persuasive speech due
Help decorate for Kari's reception

November 21
Kimberly has another drs apt
Help get food ready for Kari's reception
Drive to Houston for the sealing the next morning
Family dinner with Kari's family and her new in-laws

November 22
Kari's Sealing
Kari's Reception

November 23
Take Kari's friends back to Houston to Airport

November 26
Kimberly has an ultrasound

November 27
Thanksgiving with the fam

November 28
Adam helps friends build a shed

November 29
Adam might still be building a shed (depends how much gets done on Friday)

November 30
Caryn and Janelle sing at church for Christmas Program (Possible trip to Lufkin for that)

December ?
More drs apts

December 20
Kimberly graduates
Adam's family Christmas Party
Possibly my family Christmas Party

Our life is pretty crazy these days...maybe it will slow down when the baby comes!


shayla said...

First of all...I want you to know that I read each and every one of your posts (I subscribe to them) and I really enjoy reading your blog. BUT I'm super lazy and never leave comments. Thanks for keeping us so up-to-date though!

Second...yes! Your life does sound crazy busy. You seem pretty organized though!

Third...when is Baby Haynes due? Sometime in January, right? If he's born on the 21st he'll share a birthday with Brighton (not that I want you to hold out till then if he's due earlier in the month)! But wouldn't that be weird though if both of my kids ended up having birthdays on the same day as one of your family members (Seth=Court and Brighton=Baby Haynes).

Finally...your hair looks great! Hope everything goes well with the wedding this weekend. Wish I could be there. Please give Kari a big hug for me!