Saturday, November 29, 2008

To do, To do, To do

It feels as though our lives haven't slowed down at all. I feel like I have so much to do and no time to do it in. But how is that possible since I don't have a job and only go up to campus 3 times a week? Our Calendar keeps filling up with the holidays coming and graduation and the baby coming.

Adam is helping his Grandma move

December 3
Kim has a Drs Apt

December 15
Kim has tons of assignments for Statistics Due

December 17
Kim should have another Drs Apt

December 18
Finals for both of us

December 20
Kimberly graduates
Adam's family Christmas Party
Kim's Family Lunch or Dinner or Get Together of some sort

My blood glucose levels have been doing pretty well. I have some high numbers (130, 145) but for the most part they have still been in the normal range which is a good thing. If my sugars are too much out of control, the baby will continue to grow. His head and torso are already a month a head of what they are supposed to be. Maybe the doctor will suggest inducing me early or doing an early c-section since he is already so big. I am still convinced he is just like his dad because he sleeps so much...I feel him move maybe 5 total different times a day. Within those five times he usually moves a lot, but he is definitely his father's child. Big head, long torso, sleeps a lot. I guess we'll see what happens.


Sunshine said...

Isn't it true...the holidays just add up, up, up with things to do, people to see and entertain etc... Glad to hear you are doing well and getting closer to having your sweet baby! I can't wait~