Thursday, November 27, 2008

Full Full Full

I am sooo full. I ate way to much today. I cheated and ate a bite of Adam's cheesecake, I ate a bite of his oreo pie, and I ate a few pieces of toffee. We ate at two and I just checked my sugar again and it's 130. AHHH that is sooo high. Usually it's only that high after my dinner. Not after lunch. I just took my dinner insulin though and only ate a little bit. So hopefully it will go down before I have to check it again at bedtime. Adam is taking a nap, but I feel a walk or the wii fit coming on soon. Probably the wii fit if it is cold outside since I am in capris and flip flops. It was hot in mom's house with the oven and everything going on. Good thing I only have 8 weeks left right?