Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So for the past week, I haven't done much around my house due to the fact that my older sister got me sucked in to the lovely Twilight Books. All I did was sit around and read read read. I finished each book in about 3 days or less. You could tell my house had been neglected though. I have tried to stay busy today and not just read book 4.

So far today I have:

-swept all the floors
-cleaned the bathroom
-washed the towels
-folded the towels and put them away
-washed my sheets (now in the dryer)
-done all the other laundry (not quite put away yet but I'm working on it)

The list isn't very long, but I have felt a little successful. I have class in an hour and a half and am not wanting to go, but it's a must. I started book 4 today in between all the cleaning and have made it to page 270 or so. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of the things around the house done.