Friday, October 10, 2008

Adam's Happy Birthday

Well I'll admit that Adam probably didn't have the best birthday he's ever had and I tried to make it a good one because it is the first one since we have been married. He didn't want to go to work yesterday. He just wanted to stay home, but knows that we don't get paid if he doesn't go to work so on his way he went. I made him a little lunch (I think we may continue this...its cheaper than him going to subway everyday). He came home and I had dinner pretty much ready. He wanted french bread pizza. Why you ask. I have no idea. He said that is what he wanted. So I made that and corn. Afterward Matt brought his cookie out. I didn't want him to know that we got him one, but he had a pretty good idea because lately we have been doing cookies for everything. It was cute. It said Happy Birthday Adam (the Adam looked stupid though they wrote it weird) and it had a guitar with music notes.

He hasn't really been playing his guitar since we got married. I think cause he is tired all the time from working all day and then homework at night. We get in bed between 10-12 every night, but he doesn't fall asleep until like 2 or 3 poor guy. My head hits the pillow and I am out in about 20 minutes. He plays on Matts occasionally but not much. He hung one of his guitars on our wall though. It's a nice fit you know my decor and his decor.

Well back to his birthday...I had Matt go with me to pick out his gift because I really had no idea what to get him. He is so hard to shop for. I pick things out in the store and he never likes it. He picks things out and I don't like it. Etc. I think I smelled half a dozen cologne samples yesterday and finally found one I like. I got him Armani Code. He loves it. It is one that Matt likes too, so if Matt liked it, I was pretty certain Adam would too because they are a lot alike. After he saw his cookie I went and got his gift and he was excited. I was sad I couldn't get him more than one gift, but at least it was a nice one.

I have cut my hours back at work to two days a week. They don't really like it because I never close, etc. But come on. I have been there what 3 years and I'm the manager and pregnant and taking 16 hours at school. I am just getting tired of being there. The owner might not like it, but my replacement is there almost every day and she has been taking over a lot of things. If I am there with her all the time, she will never learn how to take care of things on her own. Matt gives me the hardest time because he wants to be there just as much as I do, but he is having a hard time finding a new job. I feel so bad for him. There isn't much I can do about it though.

Our weekends have been filling up as well. Conference last weekend. A wedding and family reunion this weekend. Then Kari's shower. Then all the girls in my family are going to Time out for Women in San Antonio (Adam said him and Matt are going to party with out Kari and Me home). November hasn't quite filled up as much as October, but we have Kari's Wedding and then December is our family Christmas one weekend then real Christmas and then January will be right around the corner and so will the birth of our little boy. Adam has been helping clean things up around the area as well. He complains that he never gets to sleep in. But that is life and he'll have to get over it. I keep reminding him that when the baby comes, he won't be able to sleep in anymore because we will "get" to take turns with the baby. He tells me that's why he needs lots of sleep now. Well that's it for now. Sorry I never got cute pictures of Adam posted, but that's'll see. :)


Eric and Hilary said...

we love Armani Code too! Armani Mania is really good too! That is definately a good enough present, we newlyweds are poor-what can you expect? ;)