Friday, October 17, 2008

Dang It...

So I got up this morning at 9 and did some laundry, washed the dishes, got ready for my day and headed to Walmart. We needed a few things and I needed a few things for Kari's shower tomorrow. Instead of cake she wants cookies, so I had to go get some stuff to make cookies. I walked out of Walmart and got all the things in my truck and then realized my back driver side tire was flat. Are you kidding me. I have a flat. So I called Adam and asked him if I should change it right there in the Walmart parking lot, or drive to the very front of the parking lot and stop at Discount Tire. He said to just drive there. Well the tire is so bad off, they have to put a new one on. Ahh. A new one. I don't want to have to pay for the new tire. Then they said that my back passenger tire was in pretty bad shape too and wouldn't pass inspection. So I called Adam and asked him if he wanted me to go ahead and get one or two tires. My inspection is up this month (so I would have to get another tire anyways.) It is also good to get two tires at once. They say you shouldn't buy tires one at a time. So he told me to get the two tires. I paid for it and Matt, Mom, and Kari came and picked me up. Luckily they were right there so they didn't have to drive far to get me.

I texted Matt and asked if they could come get me if it was going to be a long wait cause I had groceries in the car. He immediately started calling me and I ignored it once or twice and then answered and said I'm talking to the guy at discount tire I'll call you back. The next thing I know, Matt is tapping on my back for my keys and he went and moved the groceries into their car. Yippee! Luckily they were right there so they didn't have to drive far to get me. Needless to say I got two new tires the day we got married in March and now I am getting two more new ones. It was much needed I think, but still. A FLAT? Well...That's that in a nut shell.