Thursday, October 2, 2008


I commented on Jacquie's blog and told her I have crazy news. Well I do. I went home last night and worked on my speech with Adam until almost 1 am. He was so tired poor thing and could barely stay awake. I finally got it read through once. I was having such a hard time getting through it. I kept telling Adam to stop the clock and I was starting over. I was so nervous and stumbling over my words and it was almost like I couldn't get a breath. I would have to stop occasionally to take a deep breath. It was at first not even four minutes and he told us it had to be 4-6 but preferably around 5 minutes. 5 Minutes? Are you kidding me? I couldn't even get it to 4. So Adam helped me expound my stories to make my speech longer. I got through it and wahoo it was 5 minutes and 23 seconds. I was amazed. I finally did it. So I went to sleep and woke up and showered and went over it again this morning. I was so nervous. While driving to school my stomach was in knots. It felt as though my gallbladder was still in and I was having one of those attacks. I knew it was just nerves and it would all go away. I was the 4th person to sign up on the board. I was glad I wasn't first, but glad I wasn't last either.

As I sat in my chair I continued to read over my speech over and over while occasionally talking to Matt to kinda get my stress to go down. Class starts at 8 am and the minute hand was getting closer and closer to the 12. I knew it was almost time and that I would have to give my speech soon. Well Jacquie here is the crazy news....The secretary of the communication department came in and told us our professor wouldn't make it to class today due to a family emergency. So take roll and come across the hall and leave it with me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was getting so ready to give my speech. Only for the fact that I wanted it to be done and over with and the weight lifted off my shoulders. I now have to wait until Tuesday to give my speech. So I have 5 more days of stress and grief. At least now I can practice it more to make sure I really know it. I feel as though I am just reading it and I want to learn it so well that I barely have to use my notecards. So there you have it. I guess it is a blessing because the Lord knew I wasn't really ready to give my speech.

I even put on my maternity jeans today so that i would look decent for my speech. They are way to big in the waist and fall down all the time. I dunno what the deal is because they are elastic. UGH. So gay.

I also had to go to work to check on the new girl to show her how to do a few monthly reports and statements since the new month has started. I felt like I was up there for hours on end. I am just really starting to not like that place and its giving me the heebee-geebees. I am tired of having to do everything. I wish I could just hand my replacement all of my knowledge of working there and say here you go now take over. I have given her little responsibilities like making sure everyone cleans up the store, the schedule, etc. I just wish I could hand it all over to her. I have worked there for a few years so its knowledge that you just take in from being there and working.

So there is the saga and crazy news. I can't wait until lil baby Haynes is here because then I can post about him and his pictures and my blog wont be so blah! :)


Ryan and Jacquie said...

that sucks. i can't believe it was put off? i would be going nuts. try not to stress. it's not good for you, prego lady. lol. that would be so sweet if you came to visit. i know it's kinda impossible before the baby. maybe eventually we'll make it down to

Sarah Fruge said...

I hate when that happens. I would rather do it then so that I don't have to worry about it. You'll do good though. You've done all you can do. Just pray to Heavenly Father and leave it in his hands. It will be okay!

jared & brittany said...

hey your new blog layout is way cute!! good job!! hope you're feeling good and doing well!!