Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Rude

So I have been at my mom's most of the day just relaxing and hanging out after I got out of school. We just got home and I am so ticked. We are on one of corner trailers in our lot. Our driveway is in between our trailer and the one next to us. So when you turn in it's our trailer, then our driveway, then the neighbors. However, It has become impossible for Adam to get his car in the driveway because they constantly have friends over that park perpendicular to the trailers and half of their vehicles are blocking our driveway. We have two spots. One for Adam's car and one for mine. I park closest to the trailer so it's easier in the rain to get inside. Adam had to pull in at an angle today because it was blocked so much by a brand spanking new truck. I kinda want the truck to burn because I'm so ticked about it. They blocked Matt's car in the other day. Yeah I'm not kidding. Matt was at work so Matt just parked in the driveway instead of on the other side of our trailer and they parked behind his car so he couldn't get out. He was kinda ticked, but didn't have anywhere to go so he didn't go ask them to move. I wish he would have. I told Adam to go talk to them tonight, but he said it was too late. UGH. I'm not going to do it. It's a bunch of guys living next door and do you think they are going to listen to a pregnant lady, nah probably not. One day they were parked in our driving blocking the whole thing. Yeah in our driveway. Adam got home and pushed on the horn and just left it for about a minute. The guy came running out and apologized, but still. I don't care who you are. Don't block my driveway. It is inconsiderate and makes me mad.